Choose the Best Cleaner for Your Pool

Pool Cleaner Selector

The design and material of your pool play a pivotal role in determining the ideal Kreepy Krauly pool cleaner for your own swimming pool. In just four easy steps, our pool cleaner selector will guide you to the Kreepy Krauly cleaner best suited for your pool’s size and shape.

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STEP 1: What shape is your pool?

square / rectangle freeform / curved
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STEP 2: What profile is the bottom of your pool?

square curved
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STEP 3: What material is your pool?

concrete fibreglass vinyl tile

For above ground pool, please check that you have sufficient vacuum to operate a cleaner, typically a 0.75hp is enough, please talk to your Local Pool shop or contact 1800 777 255.

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STEP 4: What leaf load do you need?

Heavy Medium Medium/Light
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  • rX-Tank

    Suction Robotic Pool Cleaner

    Handles any pool with the ease. Sand, leaves, corners, walls are no match for this intelligent cleaner with X-over(TM) technology. The newest cleaner to the Kreepy Krauly Family. (For tiles pools, check with your local Kreepy Krauly Dealer for advise on your tile’s compatibility)

  • VTX-7

    With triple-clean Vortex action

    Perfect for big pools and large leaf loads. Gently scrubs your pool daily and with superior scrubbing silicon seal for longer life. (For tiled pools you may need a Cork Sole – check with your local Kreepy Krauly dealer)

  • Sprinta Plus

    Unstickable in any pool

    Corners, stairs and ladders are not a problem for this cleaner. Truly set and forget. This little beauty can handle the dirtiest pools, sand and large leaves.

    Sprinta Plus
  • VTX-3

    Powerful and compact

    Ideal with compact pools and light leaf loads. Sit back and let VTX-3 scrub your pool. (For tiled pools you will need a Cork Sole – check with your local Kreepy Krauly dealer.)


Please check with your Local Pool Shop or call 1800 777 255

A Supergrip Sole may be needed, please check with your Local Pool Shop or call 1800 777 255

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The cleaner your pool is, the more inviting it is. Here’s why Kreepy Krauly, the original pool cleaner, is still the best:

  • 100% NEW ZEALAND