Frequently Asked Questions

How do I maintain my Kreepy Krauly in New Zealand?

Relax and let Kreepy Krauly do the work! Just ensure you check the cleaner every few months for wear and tear, and keep your pool’s chemical balance in check.

Where can I find spare parts or support in New Zealand?

Kreepy Krauly New Zealand offers local support and spare parts. If you can’t find answers online, feel free to contact our New Zealand support team.

This is my first Kreepy Krauly, why is there a white cloud around my cleaner?

When you first use your Kreepy Krauly, you might notice a white mist surrounding it. This is the calcium from your pool being efficiently removed. After a week, we suggest checking and cleaning your filter as your pool will have undergone a thorough cleanse. From then on, you can resume your regular filter cleaning routine.

What is that 'Ticking' noise?

The water flows from the base of the cleaner and is alternately diverted between the two drive tubes. The inertia of the water trapped in each drive tube provides the lifting and propelling motion of the cleaner, which may result in a faintly audible ‘ticking’ sound. This sound will also assist in diagnosing cleaner and system issues (including your pool pump). Please refer to your specific pool cleaner Instruction Manual’s Troubleshooting section which can be accessed here:

How does a Kreepy Krauly improve water quality and water circulation?

The key to good water quality is the filtration of all your pool water through the pool filter. Without a Kreepy Krauly the pool water is drawn only from the top of the pool. A Kreepy Krauly draws water from the bottom, top and sides of your pool ensuring circulation of pool water and improving water quality. This helps remove biological particles and fine particles that can cause your pool to look cloudy as all the water is passed through your specially designed pool filtration and sanitation system (if installed). Because your Kreepy Krauly works with your pool pump this cleaning process occurs automatically with daily cleaning cycles and may reduce your need for chemicals.

Learn more about pool circulation:

How is Kreepy Krauly’s Ultra Flex Hose different to others?

Our hose is custom made specifically for our pool cleaners; they are not a mass produced off the shelf product. They are carefully designed, then made, tested and manufactured in Australia. The hose has a unique profile that is anti-locking, with a smooth and large bore for more powerful suction, and is highly flexible and durable to allow the Kreepy Krauly unrestricted movement around your pool. Our hard-wearing hose connectors are built to last, with no parts that can snap or break. Best of all, they’re easy to install.

Why did my last cleaner only clean the walls?

All Kreepy Krauly cleaners are have an inbuilt steering system, coupled with a unique Ultra Flex Hose to give the cleaner the freedom to travel all over your pool. Unfortunately, other pool cleaners when matched with a hard hose, will result in the cleaner being driven by the hose and the cleaner will spend minimal time on the pool floor where all the debris settles. VTX-7 and VTX-3 have a Crisscross Steering Pattern that will ensure your pool surface is efficiently cleaned. Sprinta Plus’ compact design is especially suited to modern architectural pools as its small construction and ‘unstickable’ steering systems ensures it turns and cleans the tightest corners. Whilst, rX-Tank is designed to traverse the whole pool, giving unmatched coverage.

What else do I need to do?

A Kreepy Krauly is designed to work with your normal filter cycle. All you will have to do is clean the skimmer box (frequency dependent on leaf load), clean your pool pump filter (as per manufacturer’s instructions) and add chemicals to maintain your chemical balance.

How do I extend the life of my Kreepy Krauly?

If it isn’t safe to swim, don’t let your pool cleaner swim! When performing a shock or adding in any amount of chemicals that required you not to swim, we recommend you remove your pool cleaner. This will allow your cleaner to not be exposed to harsh chemicals and extend it working life. We also recommend you regularly check your pool chemistry and turn down any automatic dosing when your pool blanket is in use, especially in winter when the pool’s water evaporation rate is lower.

Why a Kreepy Krauly Suction Cleaner instead of other types of cleaners?

Your Kreepy Krauly uses no additional pumps or power. It is truly automatic. No lifting the system in or out. In addition to this, it will also aid in efficient filtering of your water as it draws water through the filter from the top and the bottom of your pool aiding is recirculation and directly removing biologicals matter direct to the filter.

Do I need to adjust my vacuum at the skimmer box?

We have a value for this. Simply use your Smart Skim included with your Kreepy Krauly system. If you do have excess vacuum and have a variable speed pump, turn down your pump speed. If you have a single speed pump, please consult your pool professional.

If you have any other questions, please check the specific Kreepy Krauly Pool Cleaner Product Manual to check your installation. Rest assured most issues can be easily adjusted and fixed. For the most common Kreepy Krauly Troubleshooting tips, we break these down in our video on the subject:

Additionally, please refer to your specific cleaner’s manual for unit-specific troubleshooting hints and tips:

What do I need to do as in respect to specific maintenance of my Kreepy Krauly?

Sit back and relax and enjoy the clean. Your Kreepy Krauly once set up will require minimal intervention. We recommend every few months you check the cleaner for wear and tear and regularly check your chemical balance of your pool is correct as this can harm your cleaner. View all of our pool maintenance tips.

If I need spare parts or cannot find my answer online, where do I go?

Please contact your local pool professional for support or contact us through our contact page

My Sprinta Plus is floating/hovering in the pool and not cleaning the floor of the pool?

You may have air trapped in the front of your mainbody. Please click this link to find out how to efficiently release the air.

Should I remove my cleaner from the pool when 'Shocking'?

We recommend your remove your cleaner and hose from the pool when Shocking or putting excessive amounts of chemicals. The rule of thumb should be, if it isn’t safe to swim in, then don’t let your cleaner ‘swim’. By removing your cleaner from the pool when performing this shock treatment, it will extend the life of your cleaner and prevent unnecessary damage and wear. Remember to check your water chemistry regularly.

Any additional maintenance steps for New Zealand pools?

Kreepy Krauly is designed to work seamlessly with your regular filter cycle. Just ensure you maintain the chemical balance of your pool, considering New Zealand’s specific climate and water conditions.

Why choose a Kreepy Krauly Suction Cleaner in New Zealand?

In NZ’s unique environment, Kreepy Krauly offers an energy-efficient solution that requires no additional power or pumps. It aids in effective water filtration, ensuring a cleaner and healthier pool experience.

Should I remove my cleaner from the pool when adding large amounts of chemicals?

Yes, especially in New Zealand’s unique pool conditions, it’s advisable to remove your cleaner when adding excessive chemicals. If it’s not safe for you to swim, it’s not safe for your cleaner.

The cleaner your pool is, the more inviting it is. Here’s why Kreepy Krauly, the original pool cleaner, is still the best:

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