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Should You Wear Sunscreen In The Winter?

Did you know even during winter in Australia the UV index can still reach above 3? This means even during winter when the sun may look like it is hiding, you are still being exposed to UVA and UVB rays. These rays can cause sunburn, skin aging and eye damages, as well as melanoma and other skin cancers.

Should You Wear Sunscreen In The Winter?

how much sunscreen should I use

By being sun smart even in winter, which is a slip, slop and slap away, you will be saving your skin and eyes for the future. So buy the BEST anti-aging products on the market, and these include a good sunscreen.

A long sleeve top (cause you are old anyway), some SPF 50+ sunscreen and a hat are considered the way to go when it comes to the top anti-aging products. And it doesn’t always take 50+ SPF sunscreen to start getting the health benefits either. During the winter, wearing a good SPF30 sunscreen has been shown to delay melanoma if applied before exposure to ultraviolet-B (UVB) light.

So to answer the question posed in the title of this article, yes, you should be wearing sunscreen in the winter sun.

How much sunscreen should you use?

The simple answer is… for an adult is 7 teaspoons! That is one for each arm and leg, one for the front of your body and one for the back and then one final teaspoon for your face. Just like Mary Poppins said, “Just a spoon for a sugar makes the medicine go down”… we think just a spoon full of sunscreen makes the skin cancers go down.

Invest in the best anti-aging product on the market… Sunscreen!
It will help prevent wrinkles and skin cancer and coupled with a hat and some nice clothes you have the best anti-aging secret on the market.

Now that you know the benefits of sunscreen in the winter, are you also wondering how to handle your pool cleaning during the winter? It really isn’t much different than the summer as long as you have a top pool cleaner in action. Here at Kreepy Krauly, we have robotic and automatic pool cleaners that you can simply automate to do their duties year-round.

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