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Move it or lose it – the key to a healthy pool

If you want to understand the key to good health and great performance watch an athlete warm up. First, they’ll jog round a track several times to raise their heartbeat to increase the rate in which their blood circulates through the body. Then they’ll stretch to push more blood into the various muscles groups, ensuring the flow reaches every corner of their body.

Finally, they’ll take it to the next level by doing a series of half and three-quarter-paced sprints, increasing the circulation so they’re fully warmed up and ready to compete.

Not surprisingly, nature being what it is, the body of an athlete and a body of water in your back yard have much in common, specifically the reliance of good circulation.

Healthy Pool Water Solutions

If Usain Bolt spent his pre-Olympics build-up lying on a beach in the Caribbean instead of bursting out of the blocks over and over he’d be in no better shape than a stagnant pool.

Double teaming to keep your pool clean

Kreepy Krauly works in tandem with your pump to draw water from the bottom of the pool and sending it through the pool filtration system to provide premium circulation. The pool’s filter and sanitising system then collects and kills bugs and bacteria before sending the water back into the pool. It leaves the water crystal clear and free of nasties that can make pools dangerous places. Kreepy Krauly differs from other pool cleaners that work independently from the pump. While they mostly blow water around the bottom of a pool, with little making it all the way to the pump and filter, Kreepy Krauly, draws water directly into the filtration system, ensuring dirt and debris is collected efficiently.

Avoid algae build-up

Algae is plant-like organism that grows in pool water. If left untreated algae can grow and multiply and become the home for microbes, which have a negative effect on the health of swimmers. The most energy-efficient and cost-effective way of keeping your pool free of algae is by circulating the water and getting it flowing into the filtration and sanitising system. And that doesn’t mean stirring around a little and hoping for the best. Kreepy Krauly, which can work 365 days of the year, crisscrosses the bottom of your pool, sending water to the filter to be cleaned and recirculated. This constant movement of the water ensures your pool is free of bugs and always prepared for family and friends.

Rest easy while Kreepy Krauly does the work

While you may only need to shake up your body once a day (burpees and box jumps are highly recommended) Kreepy Krauly does not rest. When your pump is working so is Kreepy Krauly. Our Australian pool cleaners are built for the long haul. They’re manufactured locally from quality, chemical-resistant materials designed to withstand our harsh Australian conditions. To find out more about Kreepy Krauly’s Circulation, watch the video watch the video.

Need to find the right Kreepy Krauly for your pool? Why not try our custom-built pool cleaner selector tool? In four simple steps you will identify the right cleaner for your pool.

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The cleaner your pool is, the more inviting it is. Here’s why Kreepy Krauly, the original pool cleaner, is still the best:

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