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Is your pool swim ready when you are?

The fastest, easiest way to a clean and healthy pool

You invest in a pool to enhance your leisure time. What no one tells you is that your choice of pool cleaner can either preserve, or eat into, that precious spare time. So what is your best option for a fast, effective, maintenance-free pool cleaner?

Clean and brush each day

Common sense tells you that a pool that is cleaned every day is going to be cleaner than one that is cleaned once or twice a week. Human nature tells you that while you may have every intention of lugging a robotic cleaner in and out of the pool each day, it’s never going to happen.

The easiest way to guarantee your pool is always swim-ready is to have a fully automatic leave-in-the-pool cleaner. Suction cleaners like Kreepy Krauly fall into this category. They work in tandem with your pool pump, so your pool is automatically cleaned from top to bottom every time the pump goes on, 7-days a week. Too easy!

The power of the vortex

They work by creating a vortex; a whirling mass of water that creates a powerful force of suction. Like a tornado, the vortex sweeps up everything in its path from fine sand right through to large leaves and gumnuts.

Water is sent from the bottom of the pool to the filter and sanitiser (if present), where it is properly cleaned then dispersed throughout the pool. As it is thoroughly circulated and pool chemicals evenly dispersed, there is less chance for stagnant spots where algae can grow. Water is always crystal clear and jump-in ready.

Scrubs off algae and calcium

That ‘Vortex’ is a gift of physics that keeps on giving. In order to create it, Kreepy Krauly design all of their cleaners to have vortex capability first. Movement of the cleaner is achieved with water being alternately driven through two dive tubes in the cleaner. This creates the lifting and propelling motion of the cleaner – and creates a scrubbing force that brushes off calcium from the pool walls. Which of course the Kreepy Krauly then immediately vacuums up and sends to the filter to be removed.

Skims for a total clean

Any excess vacuum generated by the pump doesn’t go to waste either. It is harnessed for surface skimming to remove floating debris like bugs and leaves, giving the pool a true top to bottom clean.

Speed and Accuracy

So how quickly can a suction cleaner do all this? Our Sprinta model will cover 80% of your pool in just 20 minutes. Kreepy Krauly’s unique Ultra Flex hose ensures all model have the freedom to cover every inch of your pool without getting stuck.

Now you know the science behind it, watch this video to see how quick and easy pool maintenance can be.

Or if you are after a cleaner, but not sure which one is right for you, why not try a pool cleaner selector, which will match you to the right cleaner for your pool in 4 simple steps?

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