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How To Own A Pool Without It Owning You

You’ve finally got what you’ve been dreaming about since you bought your home – a swimming pool in the backyard. It’s your blue heaven.

You invite over friends and family and tell them to bring their bathers (how good does that feel?). You spend the night before preparing a feast (marinated chicken wings, please). And you make sure the fridge is well stacked. This is how you’ve always wanted to entertain.

You even jump online to put together a cool Spotify song list (Beach Boys for the oldies; Beach House for the youngies) and you download a list of great pool games. It’s gonna be great!

The next morning you look out over the pool and you’re shocked. It’s a disaster zone. The water’s cloudy, there’s big blotches of sand on the bottom and there are leaves scattered across the surface.

How could this happen? You only vacuumed it last week? A pool can’t get this dirty in such a short time? Is somebody trying to sabotage your big pool party?

Of course, there is no conspiracy; this is what pools do. They get dirty.

swimming pool full of leaves

Pools are great but they take a lot of work

Pools help keep your home cool during summer and they’re an attractive addition to your yard. They keep your family together longer (teens love bringing their friends over). They make for beautiful times and gorgeous memories. And, most importantly, they allow you to entertain in style.

But you have to keep on top of them. You need to vacuum it at least once a week (the more times the better), you need to scrub the walls to minimise algae and calcium build-up, you need skim the surface to remove leaves and bugs and other undesirables, you need to maintain the sand filter and so on.

If you think you can put in a pool, set up the banana lounge at one end, crack open a beer and watch the family have fun you’re kidding yourself. You’ll be working while the kids are having the time of their lives.

Time to unleash Kreepy Krauly

This is where Kreepy Krauly comes in. Instead of spending your leisure time on an elaborate cleaning regimen or booking an appointment with a pool cleaning service let Kreepy Krauly do the work for you – efficiently, economically, around the clock and with a minimum of noise.

All of our Kreepy Kraulys are automatic pool cleaners that suck up and siphon off all those things that your garden serves up (sand, leaves, debris and, of course, creepy crawlies) that are an eyesore, lessen your swimming experience, causes unsightly stains and, in the long run, damage your pool.

And because Kreepy Krauly runs off your pool pump there’s minimal, if any, operating costs. Water is stirred, circulated and filtered from the bottom to the top, churning through the pool’s volume and hitting those spots where algae can build up.

You’re always ready to party with Kreepy Krauly

With Kreepy Krauly your pool is always ready – for your morning swim, for the children’s play dates and for friends and family who drop in on short notice.

But your situation is different from everyone else’s, so you need to carefully choose your pool cleaner.

This is why we’ve created a Pool Cleaner Selector. Jump onto our website, enter your details (shape, profile, location) and we’ll recommend which Kreepy Krauly pool vacuum cleaner is right for you.

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