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Efficient Pool Maintenance: Don’t Waste Energy Cleaning Your Pool

On July 11, 1817 the German inventor Baron Karl von Drais climbed aboard a crude wooden construction (it had two wheels, a stick for steering and a dip for a seat), dug in his heels and pushed himself along a Manheim street. While it sounds like something out of The Flintstones the baron’s short journey it’s one of the most important events in the history of technology. It was the first recorded bike ride.

Efficient Pool Maintenance Solutions

Von Drais’ game-changing invention, which was called the Laufmaschine (or running machine), is a far cry from the feather-light high-tech marvels that whip along the cycle-ways of our cities and carry Tour de France competitors to the limits of human endurance.

However, the principle is the same.

Self-powered with minimal running costs, non-polluting and durable, the bicycle is still one of the world’s most energy-efficient, environmentally friendly and robust means of transportation.

It’s for these reasons we like to refer to Kreepy Krauly as the bicycle of pool cleaners.

Hitching a ride and saving you money

Kreepy Krauly can have zero operating costs because it does not have a separate motor. It runs off your existing pool pump.

You simply connect Kreepy Krauly into the skimmer box and it will clean your pool from top to bottom whenever your pump runs. It sucks up sand from the bottom of the pool, scoops up leaves and collects other debris from the surface, and circulates water so dead spots will be hard to find.

Kreepy Krauly’s never-ending underwater odyssey

While Kreepy Krauly’s does not have its own motor it doesn’t stop moving. The ingeniously designed flow valve turbine converts the pump’s energy into kinetic energy, sending it on a never-ending journey across the bottom of your pool.

Our ultra-flex hose ensures that Kreepy Krauly’s trek provides maximum freedom and coverage.

Indeed, the hose is so flexible that it’s constantly finding new paths, which means it will eventually get to every spot on the bottom of the pool.

Kreepy Krauly digs deeper than other pool cleaners

Kreepy Krauly doesn’t only move, suck and circulates water. Two of our models, the VTX-7 and the VTX-3, have a unique scrubbing mechanism that gently massages to lift hard-to-move calcium and algae build-up.

Say goodbye to manually scrubbing on weekends.

Calcium and algae can do serious damage to a pool and can be expensive to rectify. So by unleashing the eternally vigilant Kreepy Krauly, which turns on automatically when your pump turns on, you can prevent a major problem before it happens.

Always moving forward

In the same way that bicycle designers are always seeking to improve the speed and power of their machines our team is ever alert to new ways of incorporating greater efficiencies.

For example, the extra-wide leaf scoop allows Kreepy Krauly to capture heavy leaf loads while continuing to suck up sand and scum at the bottom of the pool. However, like a bicycle, you need to be measured for the right equipment.

So before you purchase a Kreepy Krauly watch the Energy Efficiency video here or use our pool cleaner selector tool to find the pool cleaner that best suits your situation.

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The cleaner your pool is, the more inviting it is. Here’s why Kreepy Krauly, the original pool cleaner, is still the best:

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