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A pool cleaner that goes where others don’t

Backyard pools are no longer an afterthought, a late-in-the-day addition in response to a growing family or an evol ving lifestyle. They’re now an integral element of the overall design of a home. And the dominant style of these gorgeous architecturally designed pools are clean lines and sharp angles. From tiny plunge pools tucked into a modest outdoor area through to spectacular pools perched on cliff edges, designer pools are all edges and angles, which look stunning but can be a challenge to clean and maintain. In response Kreepy Krauly has created the Sprinta Plus, a pool cleaner with the smarts to deal with the sharpest angles and tightest corners.

Sprinta Plus’ combination of an intelligent steering system and an ultra-flexible hose connector allows it to push into difficult areas without getting stuck. Most importantly, Sprinta Plus can go to parts of a pool that conventional cleaners would find a challenge.

We put the Sprinta Plus to the test

We’re so convinced of the superiority of Sprinta Plus that we even set it a speed challenge. We wanted to see if it could suck up several handfuls of sand in 20 minutes, which in reality is roughly the time between family and friends inviting themselves over and the first bombie. The Sprinta Plus passed with flying colours, gobbling up a basketful of sand and cleaning 80% of the pool in no time at all. Just imagine what Sprinta Plus would achieve daily. The power of Sprinta Plus makes the ideal choice not simply for pools with sharp angles all pools. It’s powerful suction makes it the first choice for pools that that are heavily used and located near trees and greenery. And because there are no wheels or tracks to jam and an enclosed steering system it is hard to slow a Sprinta Plus. It’s why we like to call Sprinta Plus unstoppable and unstickable.

The power of the vortex

At the heart of the Sprinta Plus is a powerful flow turbine that creates a vortex, which in turn lifts and suspends heavy particles such as sand. This debris is then efficiently siphoned off into the pool’s filtering system. Its straight-through turbine design ensures maximum continuous suction and prevents debris from getting blocked.

The simplest yet most effective pool-cleaning solution

Even with this cutting-edge pool cleaning technology Kreepy Krauly is incredibly simple to operate. It’s plug and play. And with Kreepy Krauly constantly on the job your pool will always be ready for when family and friends pop by for a dip. However, every pool and pool environment is different which is why we’ve created our pool cleaner selector tool.

Find out more about the Sprinta Plus here,  or ump onto our pool cleaner selector, enter your details (shape, profile, location) and we’ll recommend which Kreepy Krauly pool cleaner model is right for you.

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